Powerful tips Preventing Cancer In Your Lungs

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Lung cancer is a deadly disease that can strike anyone at all levels of your age . This is because , the disease is directly attacking one of the organs in the respiratory system ( lungs) person . However , do not worry , a variety of tips proven to ward off lung cancer attack you . Health tips this time will review various powerful tips to ward off lung cancer . Here are 4 tips potent cancer ward in your lungs :

Stop Smoking From Now . Habit of sucking smoke into one of the causes of lung cancer . So start smiling for those who have never smoked cigarettes and smoke as much as possible stay away from people who are smoking . For active smoker , try to stop smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer .
Schedule Sports In The Morning In Your Daily Routine . Starting the day with morning exercise is closely related to improving the quality of your health . In addition, the variety of physical activities including exercise can reduce your risk of developing cancer of the lungs .

Begin With Healthy Food Menu . In this case , start by eating a variety of fruits and various vegetables are colored green . This is because , both these foods are also very effective in preventing lung cancer .
Ensure Home And Around the Home Working From Exposure to Radon . Radon itself is a gas that has no color and no smell which is produced from the breakdown of radioactive radium . Radon gas this is also responsible for lung cancer that attacks you .

    Companions , health tips . Lungs is one of the organs in the human system berlokasikan pernafaasan in the chest cavity . The task of the lungs are traded his place air containing oxygen that we breathe in carbon dioxide that would be released by the body through the nose . Lung cancer is not the only type of disease that can affect a person's lungs . This is because , there are many diseases that can affect the lungs such as pneumonia ( pneumonia paru0 , legionnaries disease , pleural effusion , tuberculosis ( TB ) , pneumororaks , shortness of breath ( asthma ) , lung disease chronic obstructive , chronic bronchitis , emphysema , occupational lung disease , silicosis ,

    All diseases would have a variety of common symptoms , so that the lay and the medical easily seen including lung cancer . Various common symptoms of lung cancer are cough continued to worsen and difficult to heal , difficulty breathing , chest area ache constantly , cough with blood , fatigue and fatigue accompanied by weight loss for no apparent reason . Associated with the treatment system of lung cancer in this there are various kinds of the system surgery , radiation therapy , chemotherapy and targeted therapies through . Such health tips discuss powerful tips to ward off cancer of the lungs . May be useful for readers .

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