How to Treat Red Eye Hospital

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Trompo -  If you're sore eyes then you should choose the right eye pain medication in order to effectively handle and not protracted. But before taking pain medication prior to the eye sore on the eyes knowing what you like. Eyes become a very important organ function and its role in leading a healthy life every day. With two eyes we can see things that are in front of us as well as a variety of other beauty created by God, and the eyes are very important in this life activities. So when the eyes are unhealthy need to immediately check and re-check why and how to handle it. Eye pain is usually marked discomfort surrounding the eyeball and the eye color is usually red and sometimes to tears and belekan continuously, to recognize some of the following red eyes.Red Eye Hospital Due To DustRed eye usually caused by dust is not so risky and in a short time can heal itself and the red color faded back kewarna initially healthy white eye color.At sore red eyes due to dust can be treated with eye pain medication using natural herbal ingredients such as betel leaf or simply wash with clean water.Red Eye Hospital Due To AllergiesRed eyes due to allergies can be caused by several things for example dirty dust, plant pollen, animal hair and some other causes that make eyes feel itchy and cause the eyes to become red. Handling can be washed with clean running water and compress with a towel that has been moistened with cold water. In this case can use eye drops either natural or eye drops from the pharmacy, but it is recommended to check and re-check the eye drops well.Red Eye Hospital Due To Infection (red eyes and tears )Eye pain that causes red eyes with symptoms of itchy eyes and like a lump and tears often come out and uncomfortable on the eyes. Sometimes when I wake up hard currency to open as many eyes or belekan dirt. The reason could be due to infection by bacteria, viruses and fungi. At sore red eyes due to infection can be transmitted easily, for it is those who are infected to wear glasses and healthy to not directly face to face in the near distance. For those who are required to wear an eye sore right eye drops.For eye pain medication that caused the infection to symptoms red eyes tears constantly and belekan can use eyedrops should check the right or to the nearest doctor eye health to be dealt with more leverage.From personal experience never experienced sore red eyes as a result of this infection and to use eye drops CENDO XITROL and immediately felt the results after using the function and cured in a day with no eyes itch and tear out the next day when you wake up keesok also had no belekan.

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