10 Natural Ways To Treat Fleas Water

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Skin problems can be a big problem for you . Moreover, the skin itself is in the vital areas such as the face , legs , and also the most frequently looked . Leather foot is one that is often affected by skin diseases mainly water fleas . This happens due to the skin of the feet are often located in humid areas . Should not be underestimated , water fleas will become very itchy if left constantly dwell on your feet .
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Experiencing Ilusrasi Feet Water Fleas
Here are 10 ways to overcome or menyembuhlan water fleas naturally .

1 . Cassava

Cassava is a tuber that can be used to cure athlete's foot . Tone can make herbal rauan cassava by washing thoroughly. After that Parutlah cassava and stick your foot on the affected skin to skin air.Diamkan dried cassava . Do this a couple of days. This way at least when performed two days the water fleas begin to heal .

2 . Daun Talas

Besides sinking taro leaf is one of the plants that you can use to cure athlete's foot . Take a taro leaf epidermis , then make the pads on the foot of an infested water . It is believed to cure athlete's foot you experience quickly .

3 . Garlic

Garlic is one good solution . Garlic contains many anti- biotic and can cure athlete's foot . The trick Slice garlic then rub gets infested water several times a day . in addition you can also grind sliced ​​and then make it bandage on the affected skin for a few days aur ticks .

4 . Betel Leaves

Siri leaf herb is also very useful . Prepare 10 pieces of betel leaf . Lumatlah using hand or sliced ​​with a knife . Boil in boiling water then add a spoonful of salt . Wait until the aroma substances that indicate smelled of betel leaf betel starting out . Remove and insert the cooking water into the bucket .

Then add cold water until deemed safe for the skin . Then soak your feet with the betel leaf water . Soak for 10-15 minutes . Do this for 3 consecutive days or until the water fleas deemed cured . Should be done before bed because in addition to treating the water fleas , water immersion can also eliminate aches so will you also sleep more soundly .

5 . Soda Cake

Mix the baking soda into warm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes . Then wash your feet . Do this for a few days or until your foot feels recovered from water fleas .

6 . Tea

The most readily available material is tea . Heat about 1.5 liters of water to boiling . Enter the 6 bags teabag into hot water . Allow the water to cool , then soak the infected foot for half an hour every day . Tea contains tannic acid which not only destroys the fungus but also helps relieve itching due to athlete's foot .

7 . Tea Tree Oil ( Tea Tree Oil )

Other herbs that relieve nutritious water flea is Tea Tree Oil . Apply this herbal oil to the area who have to kill microbial infection and speed healing water fleas . While it may not completely cure the water flea , tea tree oil is effective for improving the appearance of skin .

Eight . Vinegar apple

Fungus on foot will cause the pH to deviate from normal skin . Therefore restore the pH value of the skin is one way of freeing the skin from fungal attack of water fleas . Apple cider vinegar is a natural substance that is known to help regulate the pH of the skin .

Make a solution of apple cider vinegar and water with a ratio of one to one. Soak feet infested water in the solution for at least 20-25 minutes every day .

9 . Salts

Treating lice with salt water quite easily . Mix warm water with salt . Then soak your feet infested water for about 15-20 minutes into the mix water .

A mixture of warm water and salt can kill germs and bacteria that can treat athlete's foot . Do this for three consecutive days . As for therapy , how to do this once a week . In addition to killing germs can also relax the muscles and relieve aching legs at the feet .

10 . Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very effective for cleaning mold .

Coconut oil has the ability to inhibit the growth of fungi making it ideal to use to cure athlete's foot . Lauric acid is an important component of coconut oil has anti -fungal and anti -inflammatory . In addition to being a good antifungal agent , coconut oil also moisturizes the skin effectively . Apply coconut oil to the affected area of water fleas , and let the active ingredient against water fleas .

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